About the Milt Olin Foundation

The Milt Olin Foundation was founded after the death of Milt Olin a prominent Music Entertainment Attorney who in a split second lost his life due to the thoughtless distraction of an LA County Sheriff Deputy in December 2013.  The Milt Olin Foundation team, led Milt’s widow Louise Olin and long-time friend Danny Kastner, is committed to making our roads safe for everyone.

The Milt Olin Foundation’s mission is to eliminate distracted driving related fatalities and injuries and rather than doom-and-gloom messages of tragedy, we created Wrex to bring hope. Wrex is the poster dino for to end distracted driving, much like Smokey the Bear is to wildfires.

The playful, thought-provoking designs we’re releasing though our wearables line at ShopWrex.com is a testament to our goal of using creativity is an ongoing and subtle reminder for everyone, of all ages, to drive safe and smart.

So, support StopWrex at ShopWrex and spread the word so we can all fight to save the drivers and pedestrians on the planet everywhere… and beyond!